Friday, August 13, 2010

Blogger Spotlight: Macaroni to my Cheese!

Approximately one year ago, I met a boy in the living room of a middle school classmate. Little did I know he would change my life for the better. Derrick is driven, but not too serious.  I would also describe him as hilarious, kind, and beautiful. He compliments me well. And to put it simply, he is the macaroni to my cheese.


Blogging is one of the reasons we held our first conversation and he now has a blog of his own. ------> Sleepless Nights <------ In the blog, he will give you a look into his world. Derrick values his family, crew and God! They keep him pushing despite the obstacles he faces on the daily. He lives a life that has an equal balance of work and play. His blog will highlight both, as well as give some of his thoughts on many aspects of life. After all, he is a philosophy major!

Don't hesitate to click the link, read, enjoy and hit that follow button!!

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