Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the way i feel...


Posted this yesterday and it lasted the whole day. I'm pretty sure I got at least a B+ on my Spanish final. I even got people telling me that this helped them feel a bit more positive about their day. That shows that a little positivity can go a long way. I still feel this way today. I had lunch with my programming partner tuned amazing friend. The food was good. Conversation was great. I was productive. And I am just still happy. I have a final tomorrow and I feel oddly prepared for it.

I think if a person thinks positive, the outcome will more often than not, the outcome will also be positive. It's something I've been trying to practice and so far, so good.

And I'm not saying that I will be positive twenty-four/seven, because I know I have days when I am the most pessimistic person I know, but if people consciously take the step to being positive, it will become a habit and life might be just a little easier to get through and thoroughly enjoy.

Am I alone in this thought? I hope not.

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