Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can't Keep Me Away For Too Long.


I'll be back soon. A couple weeks ago I tweeted, "I want to start blogging again". Fred of the acdmy urged me to do so. I've been writing a lot lately for an internship and it has encouraged me to write even more about my own life and how society affects me. For now, this is the platform I will be using. My boyfriend will also be riding along on the journey starting next week on Sleepless Nights.

By the way, I have been feeling more myself in the last few weeks than I have in a while. Life situations are not exactly perfect but I'm working through with encouraging words and gestures from loved ones. I feel like a bird, flying. And I'm hopeful that my wings will not get clipped anytime soon.

Learning and growth have been the theme of the past 3 weeks. That may be a reason for my happiness. Learning is something I love to do, especially from folks that seem to have wisdom, you know that wisdom that comes with experience. There's nothing like it.

Keep sending up prayers and positive energy my way. Just wanted to post a quick update. Hope you all are well.



Rose from Rosedale said...

I found your blog at the right time. Continue writing and be encouraged!!! wishing you all the best!!!


fred said...

ohhhhh....did not know i got a shoutowt on the blog. many blessings to you. i support you. love from the acdmy.