Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now Reading: The Responsibilities of Journalism

Above: Davis, CA -- Apartment. My attempt to look like I'm reading. Pass or Fail?

In order to be the best in your field, you need to know what those before you did.

I've read the Preface, Introduction and a piece of the first section. So far, so good. Journalism has come a long way and I'm trying to take it further.

The learning never stops.

Journalists are responsible for giving the people information and letting them decide how to think and react to it. This means being fair to all parties that may have a stake in the story. It doesn't always happen but the book addresses this issue.

The Responsibilities of Journalism, edited by Robert Schmuhl

If you're interesting in learning about how journalists and the public in the US have struggled in holding each other accountable, I suggest checking this book out. How do you really know what you're reading in newspapers is legit? No matter how unbiased journalists try to be, it will never happen. Being unbiased results in a blank page.

"Anyone who says they're unbiased is suspect." Colin Ehara

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