Sunday, July 17, 2011

COOL: What Does It Mean?

I saw this video a couple days ago and wanted to share. R+I Creative, the creators of this video, will be releasing more videos as time progresses. They are also responsible for "Influencers" videos, which I suggest you watch if you haven't already. "The Pursuit Of Cool" will turn into a short series about hedonism, sharing and meeting cool people with stories. You can check out their latest video at the end of this post.

My favorite line from the video above is, "Other people's opinions shouldn't matter. That's what's cool."

I feel that completely. When folks define what they think is cool by the standards of others, the cool value plummets. It makes me think about being in a journalism workshop a few weeks ago. While talking about ethics as a journalist, one of the facilitators of the conversation said, "Set your own standards and stick to them."

It's the same with being cool, in any capacity. It's better to just do you and be cool from that than to take other people's ideas. Set your own standards and don't worry about the opinions of others.

Some may argue that nothing is original these days anyway so it should not matter if we bite someone else's style, words, etc. While it's true that nothing is original and therefore ideas will be borrowed, it's beautiful when folks add their own touch to what they've taken from another person.

Make it your own. That's cool.

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