Tuesday, August 18, 2009

he said. she said.

Tales of what he told her, she told him, and he told them seem to consume my life right now. Or at least it has for the past week. I plan on stopping it. People need to go straight to the source to avoid unnecessary confusion. I found my friends and I going in circle after circle because no one's story made sense. It became tiring. And at the end of the day... we were all exhausted. we just all needed time apart and space from one another. It took about a week for me and one of my girls to hold a decent conversation without any type of awkwardness. We went for a run and aired everything out. It felt good, ya know? I kind of forgot where I was going with this... [re-reads everything]... Okay, the point I wanted to make with this is... I'm going to stop being indirect with people and dive head first into situations that need to be resolved. Otherwise, things might just get messy, friendships could be ruined, and some opportunities to grow as a person will be lost.

Although, I've complained a lot about how much this summer has sucked... I've learned so much about myself and my limitations. I feel like I'll be going back to school a better person. Ready for my classes, and new relationships (with professors, friends and boys!).

15 days til I hit the road and move into my apartment.
26 days til job training @ the CCC. can't wait!
37 days until school actually starts.
i'm ready!!!

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Shandra E...*the misses said...

good for you!! & be happy that it only took you a week to get through all of the awkward interactions....how about it took me nearly a year!!! but even still, there's so much LOVE in the friendship now!! and you sure said it just right "he tolh her, she told him, & he told them"!!! UHG...crazy to know that GUYS are just a s messy as girls; sometimes worse!!! x-/

but yep, a great summer indeed!!

OH...i had to tell you; I QUIT my job!!! lol, i remember we were both complaining about our "just for now" jobs & you quit a while back & i quit today!!! Oooh it felt good!! the company lacked SO much integrity though; had to Leave!!

d. said...

Yes! & guys always talk about how we always bring the drama. NONSENSE!!! and i'm happy to hear you quit your "just for now" job. sometimes we must get it done and never look back. Only if we have a plan though. lol. Can't be quitting a job with nowhere else to go, ya know?