Friday, December 4, 2009

haircut & a boyfriend!

Thanksgiving Break.
Traveled home with my roommates and the drive was ridiculous. There was 1 lane open on the 5 for goodness sake! I think it was totally worth the drive though. Being home for four days felt good. I got my hair done, wingstop, got to hang with two of my closest friends, my little brother and mommy (and the rest of the family, of course). I also got to meet some new people which was cool. Good times!! I also got a boyfriend :)

...then I had to leave :(

so the last week of classes began...
"It has been a stressful week. But you know what... life is beautiful"
-Fariha (friend & fellow intern)

At almost every staff meeting, this is what Fariha says during our weekly check-in. This is a week when I am actually feeling her. From school to finances to communication with everyone around me and every thing in between, this is has just been a crazy week. At moments, I went from super stressed to satisfied with life but I'm not bipolar or anything!! Right now though, I am happy!!! :) Life is good. Classes are officially over for the quarter. Now I must beast on these finals. Then I get to go home! YES!!! I get to see family, reconnect with friends, see my hunny bunny and hopefully make some extra cash!

This weekend.
I thought about making a trip to Berkeley with one of my friends, but that is definitely a no-go at this point. I will be locking myself away in my room to STUDY, STUDY and STUDY!! During my study breaks, I will be making posts. Look out for those!!!

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